APAX Recreation
APAX Recreation is committed to creating in-depth experience tourism destinations and international IP operations platform with an outdoor lifestyle approach.
APAX Recreation is committed to creating in-depth experience tourism destinations with international IP operations that set “Culture" "Sports" "Tourism" “Education" as the core with five pillars as the content - customized travel, content media, health data analysis, sport competition operations and outdoor e-commerce.
Discovery Adventures Park
Discovery Adventures Park is the Key IP project introduced and hatched by APAX Recreation. APAX Recreation brought Discovery IP to China, creating the world's first Discovery Adventures Park and giving Discovery a new 'LBE' concept - Discovery Comes to Life. The first park is in Moganshan, Zhejiang China. APAX Recreation brings the content and spirit of Discovery to life with an outdoor lifestyle approach and three main aims - ecotourism, outdoor sports, and education all in one. And from there, continue to launch more theme parks worldwide.
Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park
The world's first Discovery Adventures Park, located in Moganshan, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is currently the largest tourism resort complex in Moganshan. Discovery Adventures Park is an outdoor sports and adventure experience theme park that integrates true outdoor environment, state-of-the-art outdoor facilities, international safety standards, a complete curriculum system, and international professional coaches team, providing travelers throughout the world with globally premier outdoor survival training and exploration experience. Discovery Adventures Park follows the values of exploration, challenge, discovery and experience, to enable explorers feel and learn from the nature, challenge themselves, go beyond limits in any season, enjoy inner thoughts and a free world, share environmental-friendly lifestyle with friends and family, and experience and feel the inspiration and shock to the soul brought by breathtaking adventures.
Discovery Adventures Park offers a number of outdoor adventure facilities, such as Climbing Wall, Zip Line, Aerial Net, Ground Obstacle, Hot Air Balloon, Hiking, and Wild Survival, which can fully meet the challenge needs of domestic and foreign outdoor players, and bring the world's top outdoor adventure experience.