For your own safety and comfort, please be sure to prepare these necessities:
Optional Items:
Recommended Items:
The following items may cause you inconvenience during the trip; you can either leave them at home or store them in one of our lockers on-site:
For your safety, please obey the followings rules and regulations whilst in our park:
Please follow the principle of Safety First. You must adhere to all safety notices and directions from your coaches. You must not leave your team under any circumstances, and please refer to a coach for guidance if any difficulties arise.
Please do not climb without safety equipment or supervision from our coaches.
Please do not smoke outside of the designated smoking area or drink alcohol during your visit.
Please respect nature: be environmentally-aware, and do not litter.
Preparing Mentally for your Journey of Discovery:
Discovery Adventures is a journey of self-discovery that will push your comfort zones. We encourage you to tap your full potential to overcome difficulty, and to fulfil your own Discovery Adventure.
Aim for success and be ready for new challenges.
Teamwork is very important, you will need to work with and support one another in order to succeed.
Unless the weather conditions create a safety issue, the trip will NOT be postponed or cancelled.
The Discovery Adventures Park that you are about to explore will show you how to respond when you’re immersed in nature. All training is designed to help you thrive in the outdoors. The skills we will teach you and the pleasure you derive from learning them will give you a new sense of perspective and the ability to expand your horizons.
We wish you an unforgettable journey of exploration.