For your own safety and comfort, please be sure to prepare these necessities:
On-site provision:
The following items may bring inconvenience to you during the trip, please do not carry:
For your safety, please do obey the followings rules and regulations:
Please follow the principle of safety first. You must follow the safety warnings, directions and management from your coaches. You must not leave your team under and circumstances, and please refer to a coach for guidance if any difficulties occurs.
Please do not climb without protection.
Please do not smoke or drink during the trip.
Please respect the nature, be environment-friendly, and do not drop litter on your journey.
Psychological preparation for the Discovery Exploration:
Discovery Adventures is a journey of nature and self-exploring. We encourage you to discover your potential to overcome difficulty, and to fulfill your own Discovery Adventures.
Aim for success and be ready for changes and new challenges.
Teamwork is very important in Discovery Exploration, will you need to work with helping one another.
Unless the weather conditions are unexpected or unenforceable the day of your course start, the trip will NOT be postponed or cancelled.
The Discovery Adventure Park, that you are about to explore will show you how to react and respond in the face of the original natural environment. All training is for survival. To make yourself more powerful, the skills you learn and the pleasure you feel in exploring the extreme base will give you the perspective and ability to expand your life.
Wish you an unforgettable journey of exploration.