Created and operated by APAX Recreation, with a new Discovery 'LBE' concept,the
world's first Discovery Adventures Park is located in Moganshan, Deqing County, Huzhou
City, Zhejiang Province, is currently one of the largest regional tourism resort
complexes. Discovery Adventures Park is an adventurous lifestyle park with three
aims – Outdoor Sports, Eco-tourism, Science Education. Discovery Adventures Park
integrates a true outdoor environment, state-of-the-art outdoor facilities,
international safety standards, a complete product system, and coaches trained
in international standards, providing travelers throughout the world with a premier
training and exploration experience. Discovery Adventures Park follows the values
of curiosity, adventure, exploration and experience to enable explorers feel and
learn from the nature, challenge themselves, go beyond limits in any season, enjoy
inner thoughts and a free world, share an environmental-friendly lifestyle with
friends and family, and experience and feel the inspiration and shock to the soul
brought by breathtaking adventures.