Three Core Elements

Outdoor sports

For outdoor enthusiasts, the appeal of the Discovery Adventures Park is self-evident. Just the sight of the climbing wall looming at the head of the valley of the valley is enough to stimulate the senses.
For those who are new to outdoor sports, Discovery Adventures Park is also a must-visit destination to uncover all that nature has to offer. An increasing number of people in China are waking up to the realisation that modern life disconnects us from the natural world. Cities are places where man has bent nature to his will for the sake of comfort and convenience, where horizons are limited by gleaming skyscrapers rather than rolling bamboo-clad mountains, where sunset have been supplanted by screens. The sheer pace of it all robs us of the capacity to enjoy it, leaving people wondering ‘Isn’t there more to life than this?’

Human beings are a product of nature, and it is back to nature that eventually many of us feel compelled to return – at least for a while.

Under the tutelage of our expert coaches, our customers can pit themselves against an array of adrenaline-inducing adventurous challenges that are guaranteed to make you forget the city: the climbing wall, zip-lines, high ropes courses, obstacle course, abseiling, hot air balloon, adventure trekking, and wilderness survival experience.


For more than a century, Moganshan has functioned as a weekend retreat for wealthy residents of the Yangtze Delta, seduced by the tranquil bamboo forests and clean mountain air. In more recent years, Moganshan has been lauded by both domestic and international media outlets as a beacon for eco-tourism in China. That’s why at the heart of what we do at Discovery Adventures is the awareness that our environment is a finite resource that we must enjoy sustainably. Moganshan is breathtakingly beautiful, and we have a responsibility to make sure it stays that way.
Both the park itself and the activities we operate throughout the area have been designed around the concept of ecotourism. We familiarise all our guests with the principle of Leave no Trace to ensure that the landscape remains as pristine for the next person as it was for them.

Science education

Consistent with the mission of the Discovery Channel, one of our core themes at the Discovery Adventures Park is to give our guests the chance to nourish their curiosity in the environment.

Moganshan’s unique ecosystem represents the perfect classroom for learning about the natural world, and the Discovery Adventures Park frequently hosts Biology, ESS and Geography field trips from schools throughout the region. The clear night sky and low light pollution also creates the perfect conditions for both casual stargazing and real astronomy, Whether you are a budding amateur scientist or just a casual observer of nature, there is always something to learn in Moganshan.